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Mission & History


The purpose of the organization is to assist with the advancement of the poor, by the distribution of the organizations funds for such purpose. The organization provides its building and other related resources to the community. This organization is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and non-profit purposes.


To provide quality and much needed services to the residents of East End and surrounding areas and increase social, recreational opportunities among low income, home-bound, and youth through the creation of financially viable social enterprise that provides them basic survival tools and social skills


Sociedad Mutualista Obrera Mexicana (SMOM) was founded on February 21, 1932, in an effort to assist families of Mexican heritage during times of crisis. A community spirit began and since then, it has remained active in Houston’s Hispanic community for over eighty years. On July 3, 1985, SMOM became a registered 501(c) 3 organization in Houston, Texas. It continues to focus on commemorative events, health fairs, festivals, pageants, etc., at no cost to the community. The center has been operating from donations received.