Save Our Building

SMOM’s Fundraiser is for the purpose of the “Help us Save the Building Capital Campaign.” SMOM Community Service Center suffered damages due to heavy rains causing the roof to collapse in May of 2015 and also causing other damages to the building. The renovation of the SMOM building is not for cosmetic reasons but more for safety and preservation of this historical building. By preserving the SMOM building will allow this community service center to continue serving the East End Fullerton Community.

Help Us Save Our Historic SMOM Building—Donate Today!

There are 5 Phase of the renovations:

  • Phase I—Roof, electrical lighting, and front windows.
    • Estimates on roof alone starting at $65,000.00. Cannot get estimates on lighting until new roof is put in. There is lighting in the lobby area, in two offices and in lobby restroom. Also there is some lighting upstairs in stage area, and outside around the building.
  • Phase II—Air conditioning, kitchen, bathrooms.
    • Replace air-conditioning since it was recently stolen, redo the kitchen walls and floor, bathrooms walls and replace front doors to building.
  • Phase III—Upstairs.
    • Replace upstairs ceiling, walls, flooring, replace mini kitchen sink and repair walls and ceiling going up the stairs.
  • Phase IV—Downstairs and Lobby
    • Downstairs offices and Lobby area – some ceiling damages, sheetrock and repaint.
  • Phase V—Exterior and Finishing Touches
    • New fencing to building, clean patio area and parking area. The SMOM Trustees’ vision is to make the building WIFI compatible and have intercom and security system throughout the building. Also to have historic murals place inside and outside of this historic building, in order to preserve cultural history for the youth.

Watch as your donations help us on our journey.

Keep track of the renovation process below as we progress with your help!