Trustees & Board of Directors


Mamie Garcia, Trustee Chair

Adrian A. Montenegro, Trustee Assistant

Board of Directors

Cj Ortiz-Alves, President

Mauricio Martinez, Vice-President

June Gunaratne, Secretary

Carlos Hinojosa, Treasurer

Patricia Montenegro, Chaplin

Liz Robinson, Director


Mamie Garcia, Financial

Cj Ortiz-Alves, Festivals & Events


Carlos Hinojosa, Media

Liz Robinson, Marketing



Mamie Garcia,
Trustee Chair


Adrian Montenegro,
Trustee Assistant


Patricia Montenegro,

Carlos Hinojosa, Media

Carlos Hinojosa,

Cj Ortiz-Alves, Vice-President

Cj Ortiz-Alves is a native Houstonian. She currently is a licensed Chemical Drug Counselor, and owner of 214 Hair Studio/Spray Tan LA of Houston as a License Cosmetologist. Cj is a 2013 Graduate of the NHPO Leadership Institute Class X which led her to be nominated and to serve as NHPO’S Membership Chair. She is currently in her second year on the NHPO Board as a Director. She is an experienced liaison working with various agencies and diverse ethnic groups in the community. She was previously employed with the City of Houston under Mayor Lee P. Brown’s admiration as a Sr. Community Liaison in the Division of the Office of Public Safety and Drug Policy, Houston Crackdown. Her areas of interest are working in fundraising efforts, organizing and planning events. Cj is passionate about being a servant leader, which fuels her.

Liz Robinson is a skilled media designer, marketer, and instructor with an entrepreneurial spirit. With a career stemming from the non-profit and not-for-profit industries, Liz enjoys using her experience to help other non-profits. As an artist and a communicator, she enjoys the liberty to choose any media format and finds fulfillment in all projects, whether it is web, video, print or a mixture of mediums. While teaching college and taking on several side projects, Liz has honed a devoted and unbreakable determination towards both life and career; and loves to use those qualities to help others claim their place on the web in a beautiful and charming way.




Honorary Members & Sponsors

Adanary Jacques, CEO, Luz de Luna Studios, is a SMOM Honorary Member and contributes her photography and photo manipulation services and expertise to help the society further their mission.
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Turningstones, is a SMOM Sponsor contributing their web services and expertise to help the society further their mission with new media and marketing, as well as technological training and education in the community.